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Spring 1

Welcome back to all our returning children in Nursery. We are very excited about all the new children that will be joining us this half term and I know the children are looking forward to making lots of new friends. This half term our learning is going to be focused on the traditional tales ‘The Gingerbread Man, The Enormous Turnip and The Three Billy Goats Gruff.’ We will also be learning about the celebration of Chinese New Year.

Once Upon A Time

This half term we are learning about:

  • The Story of The Gingerbread Man

  • The story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff

  • The Story of The Enormous Turnip

  • How to retell and sequence a story

  • How to role play part of a story

  • Counting objects using numbers in the correct order and matching the amount to a numeral

  • Full, half full and empty containers of water

  • The height of the goats using comparative size language

  • The names of different animals that live on a farm

  • Words to describe the trolls position

  • How to build a bridge for the goats to cross

  • What vegetables and plant need to grow


Books we will be reading this half term:

  • The Gingerbread Man

  • The Enormous Turnip

  • The Three Billy Goats Gruff


You can help by:

  • Counting objects around your house and identifying numbers

  • Practising name writing

  • Reading lots of stories

  • Encouraging your child to make up their own stories

  • Looking at pictures of farm animals

  • Going to the local farm to see the animals

  • Baking gingerbread men biscuits, identifying the ingredients and equipment needed and talking about how to make them

  • Talking about the different height and length of objects

Week 1

Unfortunately nursery is closed this week due to an unexpected leak from the ceiling! We look forward to seeing you all next week!

Week 2 - The Gingerbread Man trail

This week the children returned back to nursery to find flour on the carpet in a gingerbread man shape! The children went on a hunt to find and collect clues and jigsaw pieces. When they put them together it made a gingerbread man picture! The children put him back together to find out why he had arrived at our school. The children thought about what story they know about a gingerbread man running away.




The children matched the correct number of gingerbread men to the numicon plates and put them in the oven before they escaped!

The children looked at families of gingerbread people, sortiing them into big and little gingerbread people and arranging them into size order too!

The children helped the gingerbread man look for a bridge to help him cross the river using the Beebots. They thought about which direction they needed to send him and which buttons to press to make it light up, make sounds and move.

Week 3 - Run, run, as fast as you can!

This week the children received a letter from the old lady asking if they have seen a gingerbread man running about. She told them that she was very worried that he had become lost and might be feeling scared on his own. 

To cheer the old lady up the children decided to make her another gingerbread boy. They made one to take home too!

The children sorted and matched coloured buttons for the gingerbread man. Some children looked at patterned buttons, continuing the pattern and creatig their own repeating patterns.

The children were concerned about the gingerbread man arriving at a river and wanted to find out what would happen if he fell into the water. They became scientists and carried out science experiments putting him in a hot river, a cold river and a soapy river!

Week 4 - Who's that trip trapping over my bridge?

This week the children found out that the gingerbread man didn’t get eaten by the fox! Actually, he ran away and decided to go on his holidays! He told the children that he now has a problem as he has come to a river. The gingerbread man explained that this time there is a bridge but he is scared to cross it as funny noises keep coming from underneath it.


The children thought carefully about what it might be making sounds from under the bridge. They realised that they know a story all about this called The Three Billy Goats Gruff!

The children decided to make a new bridge for the Billy Goats Gruff to cross...

Week 5 - They pulled and they pulled but they could not pull it out!

This week the gingerbread man sent the children an email with a picture attached (technology link) showing the children what he had found in the field on his way home to the old lady. The children saw a picture of an object buried in the soil with just some rope hanging out.


The children went outside to investigate what the gingerbread man had found and tried to pull it out. The children found that the object was very heavy and so they needed to work as a team to try and pull it out together. Exhausted from all of their hard work the children went back inside and received a telephone call from the gingerbread man thanking them for all of their help. It was an enormous turnip! He told the children that nursery could have some to explore looking at, feeling, smelling and tasting. Yum yum!

They pulled and they pulled but they could not pull it out!

Week 6 - Chinese New Year

This week the children learned all about Chinese New Year. They watched a family prepare for and then celebrate the festivities and learned all about the story behind the festival. The children enjoyed being each of the animals and had lots of fun moving in different ways as they raced each other! The children thought about how their bodies felt after exercising and some children could say which position the animals finished the race in!

We compared the length of the Chinese dragons we had made thinking about which one was long and which one was short. We tried hard to use the words longer and shorter.

We explored using chopsticks to pick up the 'noodles' and put them into the bowls. It was quite tricky!