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Spring 1

Tales Around the Table 


This half term our topic is all about King Arthur and the many tales that are told about him. We will spend plenty of time learning about magicians, knights, maidens and dragons. 


As well as King Arthur we will also be learning about The Anglo Saxons. These were people who travelled from Germany and Denmark. Some say they came to England as their countries became flooded others say they came in search for land. We will spend the half term looking at how the life of an Anglo Saxon differed from ours. 

Our classroom environment

We were very busy on the first day of Spring term! We worked really hard to make our classroom look great. Our Learning Adventure is titled 'Tales Around the Table' and is based around a book called 'The Illustrated Tales of King Arthur'. 


We designed and made our own swords and shields which we have displayed in our very own armoury. We also drew and painted the different characters that feature in the tales of King Arthur.