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Spectacular Space - Autumn 2

Spectacular Space

Welcome back to another fantastic half term! This half term we are learning about Spectacular Space, the history and science behind it and then we get to have some creative fun, making our own aliens and planets. We have some amazing lessons planned and we hope you enjoy following our adventure!

Our Classroom!

Here are some examples of us learning about the planets at the beginning of the topic. We did some research on the planets and wrote some fact files about them. Here are some fantastic examples from our class. 

Fact Files of the Planets

We then had a go at seeing if we could order the fruit, comparing them to the planets of our Solar System. It was amazing to see that if Jupiter was the size of a watermelon, Mercury would be only the size of a peppercorn! Just shows how big Jupiter is!

We started reading these stories about Apollo 11 and the first landing on the moon! It was incredibly interesting and we learnt so much about Neil Armstrong and the first moon landing. These books were a great read and we couldn't recommend them enough!

Once we looked at the moon landing, we wrote a diary entry as Neil Armstrong, about the amazing Apollo 11 moon landing and mans first steps on Mars.

Neil Armstrong Diary

And then we wrote some newspaper articles about this historical moment!

Newspaper articles

Then we started looking at the ISS...

and found out that Tim Peake was the first British person to go to the ISS (The International Space Station) and we looked into his life and how he managed to do it. We then write a biography on Tim Peake. Here is a fantastic example...

Tim Peake Biography

We then went to the ISS ourselves on an imagineering experience, and forgot to tell people at home! So we sent postcards home from the ISS, letting them know they don;t have to worry!

Postcards from the ISS

Living on the ISS is extremely tricky! We then write a manual on how to survive and do daily tasks on the ISS, so if you are ever to go up there, you know what you are doing!

How to Survive the ISS Manual

Next stop... Mars

Currently, people are looking into colonizing Mars and we decided to look at the debate and see if it makes sense. 

We looked at all the arguments for and against going to Mars and then wrote a balanced argument about it. Here are some examples. 

Should we colonize Mars?

On the whole, we decided that Mars actually seems like an OK idea, and sent off our own applications..

We heard back and GOT INTO THE BOOTCAMP! General Beaumont and General Grainger put us through our paces of the Mars Bootcamp and we wrote a recount of the most exhausting day! Have a read of some of our recounts and you can also see how tiring it was.

Finally, we moved onto reading the 'Man on the Moon - A Day in the life of Bob'. In the book, bob looks after the moon but doesn't realise there are aliens there. We have gone to help him find the aliens so he knows what they look like and can finally make the aliens an attraction for the moon!

Here are some examples of our aliens from the Moon...

We then decided to create the life cycles of our aliens. We looked at the life cycles of a variety of animals, then decided to create our own life cycles for our aliens, looking at their growth and timeline.

Alien life cycles

Other parts of our day


We also have a variety of other subjects outside of our learning adventure. Here are some of the lessons we have done this half term!


We looked at the phases of the moon in Science and created our own moon phases from Oreos. It was fun to do, accurate and delicious afterwards!

Phases of the Moon with Oreos

We also had an escape room come to school, full of Maths puzzles. It was really hard! We didn't manage to finish but we got 7 padlocks through, which is pretty impressive if you ask me!

In RE, we have been looking at the nativity Christmas scene and understanding how it is important to Christians. We have looked at different examples of the nativity scene in the bible (from the books of Matthew and Luke) and have discussed the relevence of a meaning of a story above the specific facts. 

The children have really enjoyed looking at this during the Christmas season, and have a great understanding of how incarnation and Jesus dying for us being important and how we now celebrate his birth at Christmas.

Nativity Story

During Anti-bullying week, we made some amazing posters with the slogan 'Change Starts with Us'. Here are some examples. 

Change Starts With Us - Anti Bullying Week Posters

In PSHCE this half term, we are looking at discrimination and stereotypes. The children have learnt a lot about the different types of discrimination and have shown an amazing understanding and tolerance. We have had some brilliant conversations around individuality and stereotypes and how they hinder people doing what they would like to do. here are some pictures of the children drawing and labeling stereotypes and having picture inspired conversations about stereotypes. 

PSHCE - Stereotypes and Discrimination

In french, we have looked at the basics such as the colours and numbers. Here are some colourful pencils with the french colour names.

Les Couleurs - French

In ICT this half term, we have been looking at advanced formula using spreadsheets, doing amazing things such as coding a spreadsheet to count variables and hypothesis in a spreadsheet and another one to convert different measurements. Here are some examples of the childrens' spreadsheets.

ICT - Using Spreadsheets

Useful links and websites for our topic: