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In Science this week we focused on the different properties materials might have and how these properties make them suitable to be used in various objects. The children grouped a range of objects in different ways and explained their reasoning behind their choices.

Our topic in Science this term is Everyday Materials. We started by learning the definition of a material and how it is different to an object. Then we looked at a variety of objects and talked about the similarities and differences between them.

Here are some examples:

"The pine cone is different to the alien mask because the mask is green and the pine cone is brown."

"The pencil is pointy and the toy sign is pointy."

"Three things are wood - the pencil, car and rubber. Three things aren't wood."

"Those colours are the same. They're made out of the same material".


Then the children went on a hunt to find different objects and talk about what materials they are made out of! Maybe you could try this at home?