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In science, we have been looking at electricity. The children started off with a KWL grid to tell us what they already knew and what they wanted to find out. The children had some great ideas and either wrote them in sentences or drew diagrams. The children were then given all the equipment you would need for a complete circuit and they were to try and find out how to make the bulb work! They worked hard and eventually everyone’s bulb was lit!       

The children role played in being a circuit. We had wires, batterie, a buzzer and a switch. We passed pom poms around the circuit to show how electrons work and that until the electron has reached where it needs to be it will not work. We used the switch to show what happens to the electrons when the switch is open and closed. Take a look at our video or our human circuit.        

I gave the children a lemon and told them that they had to try and make a circuit work by using the lemon as a battery. The children thought I was mad! I gave them a lemon, bulb or buzzer, wires, copper coin and nail. The children were given the freedom to try make the circuit. Some struggled but eventually we had a full circuit. Unfortunately, it did not work. We teamed up as a class and tried to make a huge circuit! Take a look at what happened below.