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This week in Science, we have been learning about the weather and forecasts. At the beginning of the week we predicted the weather forecast for the week ahead. Every day as a class we recorded the actual weather for the day and compared the recordings to our predictions.

Season work

This week in Science the children went on a Autumnal walk around the school grounds. The children had a clip board, pad and pen to record their findings of what they could see, hear, smell and touch along the walk. Well done Year 1!

Autumnal walk around Clapgate.

This week in Science the children have been learning new fun facts about Winter. They then recapped on previous learning of Autumn and worked together to compare key facts of both seasons. The children used a venn-diagram to sort a collection of items related to Winter and Autumn.

This week in Science, the children have been investigating and performing simple tests. They focused on the amount of rain fall Leeds has in one week. The children designed their own rain catcher and in partners created the product to test the amount of rain fall over the week. Well done Year 1, you are great Scientists.

Creating the rain catcher.