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Living things and their habitats


This half term we will be looking at living things and their habitats. The first question we looked at was “What is a living thing?” we were introduced to MRS GREN. The children found out that in order for something to be living it had to everything included in MRS GREN’s name. Movement, respiration, sensitivity, growth, reproductions, excretion and nutrition. The children created their own poster in response to the question. We then went outside to look at all the different living things in our playground. We listed them based on MRS GREN.


The children looked at habitats around the world. We looked at what animals would live there and added them to our fantastic science display. The children then worked in groups to have a go at creating one of the habitats in the box. The created the landscape of the habitat and then created the animals using clay. Take a look at some below.


The children looked at the characteristics of different animals and we decided to talk about how we could group them based on this. The children wrote down as many living things as they could think of. They then had a Venn diagram and they had to choose two characteristics and place the animals in the correct part of the diagram.