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This half term we have been looking at sound. The children have absolutely loved learning all about how the ear works and how we hear the way we do!     

Just like we do with every topic, we started this half term with a KWL grid. The children already knew lots but were keen to find out even more.

We learnt about the different mediums in which sound travels through. Gas, liquid and solids. We looked at how far the particles are away from each other and the effect this has on the sound.

The children then made their own string cups. We learnt that the sound is travelling across the string and is making the string vibrate. The children then experimented what happened if the string wasn’t tight, if we didn’t speak directly into the cup or if we were too far away from the cup.

The children then were introduced to pitch. We spoke about how pitch is high and low. The children were introduced to pitch with glass bottles filled with different amounts of water. The children then investigated how the amount of water affected the pitch.      

In 4LB we then created our own child led experiment. This was where the children had to think of a way that they could show how the volume of a drum affected the rice on top of the drum. The children came up with some fantastic ideas and then drew a bar graph to show their results!