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Click on the pictures below to see our lovely students in their school uniform.

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At Clapgate, we pride ourselves on high standards in all areas. We know from our own and external monitoring that we are on the way to being an outstanding school. However, there is one area that we feel we could improve on and we would like to ask for your help with this. We have noticed that a growing number of children are not always wearing full school uniform and some children are regularly not in school uniform. In addition to this, many children are not bringing the correct PE kit into school.


There are many reasons why we believe school uniform is so vital:


  • School uniform helps children to feel a sense of belonging, pride and unity with other children in the school
  • School uniform is practical, safe, easy to wash and affordable
  • School uniform can improve learning by reducing distraction, sharpening focus on schoolwork and making the classroom a more serious environment
  • School uniform teaches children to dress smartly and take pride in their appearance
  • When children all wear uniform, it sends a positive message out to the whole community
  • School uniform means that children are free of peer pressure to wear expensive branded items or fashion items
  • School uniform makes mornings easier, reducing potential conflict or worry over what to wear
  • School uniform establishes routine and helps a child feel ready for school and ready for learning time.
  • Wearing uniform now is a good preparation for secondary schools where uniform rules are generally very strict
  • Wearing uniform sends a message that you respect the expectations of your school and want to do your best
  • School PE kit is practical, comfortable and appropriate (and affordable)


If children are wearing an item of clothing that does not conform to our uniform policy, teachers will ask them to remove that item of clothing and will provide them with an item of uniform to change into for the day. The teacher will speak to you at the end of the day to remind you that your child needs to be in full uniform the next day.


Please see attached letter for full list of appropriate school uniform. 

Below are some useful websites where you can find items suitable for school uniform.