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Saving the Day!

Saving the Day!

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We had fun showing our work to our writing buddies in 4CJ!

Our fantastic cityscape! Thank you to all who came to help.

Vegetable superheroes!

We read the book Supertato and learnt all about how the Evil Pea was trying to hurt the supermarket vegetables! Luckily Supertato was there to save the day.

We made our own vegetable superheroes which looked fantastic and we have been writing about Supertato. 

This week we have talked a lot about how to stay healthy, to make sure the superheroes are in tip top condition! We designed our own smoothies and then worked with Mrs Grime to make them - yummy!

We received a map and a message from Professor von Evil, which we followed and found his secret instructions for how to make slimebots! Back in the classroom we mixed up a load of sticky slime and then constructed our very own slimebots to fight against Professor von Evil! We also had a lovely time on Thursday celebrating Roald Dahl day, with some fantastic costumes.

Our first Learning Adventure is called Saving the Day and it is all about superheroes!

We began with a Creative Context day where we talked about different superheroes and created some big pictures for the walls. We also all designed a mask and a logo each!


Since then, we have been read the story The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man and we have been inspired to write a character description talking about Awesome Man. We have investigated the different materials a superhero's costume might be made from and we have thought about different locations in Leeds that a superhero might use as their secret hideout. We've been very busy  already!

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