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Saving The Day


Our first Learning Adventure is all about superheroes!
We have been learning about nouns and adjectives and we have been using them to make noun phrases to describe superheroes.
In our DT lessons we have been learning how to cut food using a knife.  We cut bananas, bread and cheese.
In our maths lessons we have been busy learning about the value of each digit in a two-digit number.  We have been using equipment and charts to help us to understand.
We made the most of the September afternoon sunshine by weeding and harvesting our allotment beds.   
Our word hunt game in our writing lesson kept us really busy!  We had to find words and their meanings by hunting for envelopes hidden around the hall.  We learned the meanings of some tricky words and tried our best to use them in sentences. 
In our computing lessons we have been learning how to code.  We have used code to make some fish move across the page. 

We have written some super character descriptions about Supertato using expanded noun phrases.  

Before we read the book, we looked at the front cover and talked about what we thought, what we noticed and what we wondered about the text.

We loved retelling the story of Traction Man, using actions to help us.
We worked together to select facts about Spiderman and we sorted them under subheadings to create a report.
In our geography lessons we have been learning about the similarities and differences between Hong Kong and Leeds.  We have been learning about the human and physical features of the cities.  We had great fun carrying out a quiz about everything that we have learned.  Clues were stuck around the area outside our classroom; we had to find them and then write the answers in the correct boxes on our answer sheet.