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Nursery - Bonfire Night celebrations


This week the children were very excited that it was Bonfire Night! They learned all about Guy Fawkes and why he is an important historical person and had lots of fun making their own Guy by stuffing newspaper into some old clothes and boots and drawing their own faces on a paper plate!


The children also made their own sparklers by joining strips of cellophane and tinsel to an art straw and enjoyed making large shapes and patterns in the air with it.


All of the children were keen to talk about their own Bonfire Night experiences and retold events of what they did, what they saw, heard, smelt and felt on Bonfire Night with each other in their key worker groups. The children used their imaginations to go to a large display, rubbing their hands to keep warm around the bonfire in the middle of the classroom carpet and watching the display on the IWB. The children were keen to join in too, swirling and spiralling around the carpet like different fireworks. Some children attempted to make the sounds of the different fireworks with their own bodies, voices and a range of musical instruments.


The children also created their own firework pictures on the IWB practising selecting colours of their choice and changing the size of the drawing implement they were using to make it thicker and thinner.They were all very proud to have a photograph of themselves stood with their finished artwork.

We have been learning how to use the Bee Bots by programming them to move around the map using the directional buttons.