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We talked about why we were wearing non-uniform for Red Nose Day and why we gave money. We talked about how some children in other countries need a lot of help to keep them safe and healthy. We looked at the red nose day website to learn about how our money would help. 

In RFW, we have learnt about Red Nose Day and the Comic Relief charity. We talked about what the charity is and how it gives money and support to people in England and the rest of the world. The children learnt that there are people in the world who do not have their own homes, who do not have access to clean water and who are not as fortunate as them. The children learnt that the money they donated today will help these people to have better lives.

RFW - The children took it in turns to use the Clever Touch screen and feed the bear. They made a line and each had one go at feeding the bear. All the children worked really well and helped each other when they were unsure what to do.