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Welcome to the Distance Learning Reading Page!

Please complete the reading activities from


Here you will find a variety of links and extra activities to try at home independently or with a sibling, parent or carer. 

Here are some reading comprehensions that you could have a go at!

Read through the text or look at the picture and have a go at answering the questions.

There is also a document with the answers on so you can mark your work!


Activities for Home

- Choose your favourite book and write a book review for it. 

- Make a bookmark based on your favourite book.

- Look in magazines, newspapers or brochures and highlight any new key vocabulary you have found. Then use a dictionary or online dictionary to find out the meanings of the new words.

- Write a blurb for the book you have read the most recently.



Book Talk

In school, we do book talk. We read part of a book or poem and discuss four questions:

What do you like about the text?

What do you dislike about it?

Is there anything that puzzled you?

Do you notice any patterns or connections?


You could ask these questions about anything that you read! 

Audio Books

Take a look at one of Miss O'Connell's and Miss Buxton's favourite audio books! Sit back, relax and enjoy listening to this fantastic story!

Reading Resources:

Useful links to help you with your reading:



Twinkl is offering free access for a month. It has lots of examples of different types of texts and questions to go with them.


World Book Day

The World Book Day website has lots of extracts from books which are all free!


Oxford Owl

This site has free resources to use at home.