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Welcome to the Distance Learning Reading Page!

Here you will find a variety of links and activities to try at home independently or with a sibling, parent or carer. Please check this page regularly for updates!

Activities for Home


- Choose your favourite book and write a book review for it. 

- Make a bookmark based on your favourite book.

- Look in magazines, newspapers or brochures and highlight any new key vocabulary you have found. Then use a dictionary or online dictionary to find out the meanings of the new words.

- Write a blurb for the book you have read the most recently.



Have a look on Twinkl for lots of great reading comprehensions, ebooks and differentiated activities to be done independently and with support.

Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl is a free website that offers you access to different non-fiction and fiction texts. Children can use the website to find their stage books and access them online.

World Book Day Website

This website has lots of fantastic free resources as well as some great extracts from different books. Children could choose an extract and read it with an adult. Children can then answer 4 key questions, like we do on Friday morning in school during 'Book Talk'.


-What did you like?

-What didn't you like?

-What links can you make to your own life, experiences, other texts you have read?

-What challenged or puzzled you?