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This half term in R.E we have been learning about Buddhism. We have been focusing on “Suffering” and how Buddhists understand this.

We started off by thinking about what our “wonderful world” would look like and how they are all different. The children created a mind map to show what their world without suffering would look like and discussed why we chose those particular things.

We then looked at our life journey and how sometimes things happen in our lives that cause us suffering. The children looked at Miss Brennan’s life journey and then shared their own. We discussed that every painful experience is a “right of passage” and how sometimes we need to experience these in order to move on to the next stage of our lives. The children were very mature about their suffering and created some fabulous journeys.

The children then looked closer at how Buddhist believe that greed and selfishness are the main cause of suffering. We role played some scenarios where this would happen and discussed who would suffer. The children then mind mapped their own scenarios and explained the consequences.