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Rainforest Tribes Year 5

Here is some of the feedback that our Year 5 pupils made after working with Alive and Kicking on the Rainforest Tribes drama project in November 2018


"We pretended to be an Amazonian Tribe and there was a man who wanted our land to modernize it. I enjoyed acting and being a leader. Because I remembered everything we did, at the end I was able to write a lot" Anton, 5MB


"I enjoyed using my imagination to change my surroundings" Hanna 5MB


"I enjoyed the bit when the parents came and they decided to be on our side when we acted" Mia, 5MB


"It was so so fun and the part I liked best was when my mum came in and acted like the Government. I think the drama has made our topic really fun and exciting" Holly, 5MB


"It helped my writing because it make me like I knew what happened" Kian, 5MB


"Working with Alive and Kicking meant I had loads to write about and gave me brilliant ideas" Chimaira, 5MB


"It made it easier to write" Laila, 5MB 


"I enjoyed it because John (from Alive and Kicking) was so enthusiastic. I think I learnt how to be more confident in front of people" Brooke, 5MB


"I enjoyed the old man telling us the story of his life" Eva, 5CS


"I learnt the skill of leadership and smartness" Zac, 5CS


"Working with Alive and Kicking made my imagination bigger" MacKenzie 5CS


"We learnt to work together without arguing!" Jessica, 5CS