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Where does money come from?

This week during PSHE the children have been learning about where money comes from and making choices about spending money. As a class we discussed where money comes from and how adults and children will get it. The children were 'given' £10 each and had to decide what that £10 could buy. Some children gave reasonable answers, however, some said bikes (after looking at ARGOS the cheapest children's bike was £25). We then finished the lesson doing a Sainsburys order online, to see how much food we could buy with £10. The children were really engaged and enjoyed the lesson. Well done Year 1.

Keeping our money safe!

This week in PSHE the children reflected on how it might feel to not have enough money to buy something that they really wanted. They learnt about different options of how to save money. As a group we discussed what is the most or least safe place to save our money. The children chose from a variety of pictures and worked together to decide what they felt was safer than others. 

'' Boys and girls can do the same jobs ''
This week in PSHE we have been learning about different types of jobs and I recognise that both men and women are able to do a range of jobs. I understand that having a job means people can earn money.