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Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter has become a world-wide phenomena and J. K. Rowling has inspired children across the globe. We didn't want to miss out on one of the adventures, so our text for this entire term has been Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets.


As an introduction to the text, we decided to spend the day at Hogwarts.


After arriving at school in our Hogwarts uniforms, we were introduced to our 'professors' for the day and split into 4 houses for the day. Mr Robins had grown hair and had turned into Professor Snape overnight and was pretty horrible all day.

We took part in 4 different lessons; making our own wands, inventing potions, recreating images of Dobby and 3D creatures from the book and making our own Mandrakes.


Below is a slideshow of images taken of us with our potions. Some tasted great - others were, how can we put it - disgusting!

Wanderful Work

Below are examples of some of the wizardry work we have completed during this term. These examples include:

  • persuasive adverts for wands,
  • recount letters to our friends telling them of the day we saw a flying car whilst visiting London
  • logos for our own Clapgate Primary Quidditch team
  • diary entires
Our visit to London and the Harry Potter Studios

Below is a slideshow of our Christmas visit to London. We had an amazing time on the Saturday, seeing all the famous attractions and buildings that we see on out televisions and on the internet. Unfortunately the Queen wasn't in so were not able to go for tea, but we did get to visit Pizza Hut in Leicester Square.

We then went to theatre and watched Matilda and ate lots of sweets.

It was an early start on Sunday as we headed to the Warner Brother Studios where Harry Potter was filmed. It was amazing to see actual props from the films, walk around Privet Drive and go on the Hogwarts Express.

A tiring weekend but something that we will remember for a very long time.

Enjoy some of our memories.

Magical Maths

As well as learning all about Harry Potter this term, we have focussed on lots of different maths topics, from addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to learning our times tables and learning the properties and features of 2D and 3D shapes. We even made our own 3D shapes using 2D nets.

We like maths when we are able to solve fun and practical activities. Below are just a few examples of us working really hard.