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Physical activity

Physical activity – Space Four Corners


Below are some ideas of some fun you can have to get your body moving and keeping active!


For this activity you will need to have four pieces of paper or card with each of the following pictures on it: the moon, stars, sun and Earth.


Explain that they are going to be astronauts in training and that they will have lots of tasks to complete at space school!


Tell them the very first task they will have to complete is to identify the sun, the moon, the stars and Earth as these are all very important parts of the solar system in space!


Show your child each of the cards. Can they name them?


Place each card in a corner. Explain that they will move around in space boots (demonstrate moon walking) and when they hear a clap or the beat or a pan they have to listen to what is called out and moon walk to the matching picture.


Explain that whoever is at the incorrect picture will be out.