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Physical activity

Physical activity


Below are some ideas of some fun you can have to get your body moving and keeping active!


Asteroid toss – scrunch up some tin foil or old paper/newspaper and practice throwing the ‘asteroids’ into a bowl, bucket, hoop, or into a hole that has been cut out of a piece of cardboard! Practice throwing overarm. Practice throwing with each hand. Which hand do you like throwing with the most? How many asteroids can you throw into your target?


Moon crater jump – have some circles or hula hoops placed around the room or outside. Challenge your child to jump from one moon crater to another. Can you jump onto the crater without falling off the moon?!


Asteroid race – have some scrunched up pieces of tin foil as asteroids. Can you balance one onto a spoon? Can you walk with the spoon in one hand without the asteroid falling off the spoon? How quickly can you walk before it falls off of the spoon? How far can you walk before it falls off of the spoon?