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Physical activity

Physical activity – Throwing a beanbag or a rolled-up pair of socks


What you will need:


  • A beanbag or a pair of rolled up socks
  • Paper plates or blue paper circles from paper/card
  • Yellow stars numbered 1-3/1-5/1-10


For this activity encourage your child to throw their beanbag/socks so that they are aiming for one of the stars.


Can they recognise the number it has landed on?


Can they count down from the number they have landed on to zero and shout “Blast off!” each time?




  • Move the stars closer/further away to make the game easier/more challenging
  • Challenge your child to a competition of who can throw their beanbag/socks at the stars. Who has the biggest number? Smallest number? How do they know?
  • Challenge your child to throw the beanbag at the stars in counting order from 1-3/1-5/1-10