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Phonics activity

Phonics activity


Playing sounds in different ways – for this activity you will need pots, pans, wooden spoons etc that can be used as an instrument.

Tell your child that you will whisper in their ear how you would like the rhythm sticks/instruments to be played, e.g. quickly, quietly, slowly etc and they will need to use their equipment to make sounds in the way that you have asked them to. Repeat lots of times giving them opportunities to explore making loud sounds, quiet sounds, fast sounds, slow sounds etc.


If your child is able to do this successfully then challenge them further by asking them to try two ideas together, such as quietly and slowly.


Counting out phrases as they are said.

Say a short phrase, then hit it out onto an instrument (using wooden spoons, colanders, pots, pans, pan lids etc).

Count the phrase, e.g. ‘Wash your hands, 1-2-3’, ‘Please sit down, 1-2-3’, ‘Cross your legs, 1-2-3’ etc.

Then challenge your child to make a rhythm themselves using parts of their body. Encourage your child to copy rhythms, e.g. pat legs, pat legs, clap hands, repeat.