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Phonics activity

Phonics activity – Bossy aliens!

Tell your child that the little alien that was hiding in the drawer (from Aliens Love Underpants – this week’s story) is very bossy and will tell them lots of things that they need to do.


The alien orders them to do things and they have to listen to the instruction and follow it as accurately as they can. Pretend to be the alien and say things like, “Stretch your n-e-ck. Stamp your f-ee-t. Pat your h-ea-d. Rub your t-u-mm-y. Wiggle your b-u-m.” Sound out simple body parts like a robot so that your child is practising listening to words being sounded out. This is a really important skill for early reading!


You may need to sound out each word a few times and possibly then squash all the sounds back together to blend and say the word for your child to identify it. This is fine!