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Pet Care

Our Fish Tank

Miss Taylor and Mrs Singleton came to one of our life skills session before Christmas and asked us to do a very important job. Unfortunately, the fish tank in our reception area was becoming a bad place for fish to live so we were challenged to clean the tank out and redo it, making it a safe and attractive for new fish. We set about this straight away and cleaned the tank out, giving it a real good scrub.


Along with Mr Cockcroft and Mr Robins, we then went along to Carr Gate Garden Centre in Wakefield to choose some new things to put inside it. Whilst there, we also looked at some fish and spoke to the people there to ask for their help.

The garden centre were so helpful and they kindly said that if we looked after them really well, the would provide us with the fish for free. We couldn't believe it!


We have been back to the Garden Centre on a number of occasions to collect more fish and have asked lots of questions to make sure we are looking after them correctly.


Mr Robins asked his dad to come into school as he has had fish for a very long time and he showed us how to part-change the water and clean the filter without upsetting the fish.


We are loving this responsibility and always remember to feed the fish every day.


We will add more pictures when we keep adding fish to the tank.


We are very grateful to Carr Gate Garden Centre for their generosity and support.

Spending Time with Rufus

We are also very fortunate that each week we get to spend time with Rufus. We play with him, take him for a run outside and love it when he comes into our sessions. We also like to give him treats, brush him and read to him.