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Outdoor Learning

Week 7 - Leaf Hunt Today we went outside again and our challenge was to find 3 leaves that were all different. When we came back inside we then looked at how we could sort the leaves in to different groups. The children decided to do this by colour.

This week we have been to look around the school grounds when it was not raining! We enjoyed walking across the grass and noticing how it felt "squashy", "squidgy" and "slippery". Whilst on our walk we noticed lots of mushrooms growing in the grass. We looked carefully at these but we knew not to touch them as they could be poisonous.

After our walk we each found a leaf to use to make a picture with. We took it in turns to sponge print around the edge of the leaf with autumnal coloured paints on a large piece of paper.

School Grounds Walk

Feeling the bark of a tree
Feeling the bark of a tree
Ready and waiting to run down the slope
And we are off!!!!
Looking at the mushrooms
Looking at the mushrooms
Finding our leaves