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Once Upon A Time


This half term our learning adventure is Once Upon A Time.  We will be exploring the themes in fairy tales and we will compare and contrast them, looking at how they start, the language used in them, the types of characters and settings and the story plots.


In science we will learn about the properties of materials and their uses in everyday life.  This will prompt us to consider the best building materials for the Three Little Pigs' houses and to understand why the brick house prevented the wolf from getting to them.


Our study of the artist Andy Goldsworthy, will involve us learning about printing techniques and using natural objects in our art work.


We have visits from Warburtons, who will help us to make sandwiches, and the Rainbow Factory, who will present drama workshops on the Topsy Turvy Storybook.  


So, all in all, a busy and exciting half term lies ahead!

First of all, though, we'd like to show you our completed monster hand puppets.  We started them last half term and we completed them in the second week back.  We sewed everything on them - eyes, noses, ears, mouths ... - as well as sewing them round the edge, leaving a gap at the bottom to put our hands through.  We are so proud of our work and our teachers have been wowed by our resilience, determination and our imaginative designs. 
To begin our learning we started with a creative context day! We thought about fairytales we were already familiar with and the characters that we knew. We then made lots of lovely decorations for our classroom so that we can learn in an immersive environment. We also made some delicious teddy bear toast - what a treat! 

During science week we carried out an investigation to answer the following question:

Do taller people have the biggest hand span? 

We made our predictions and then worked in groups to measure our heights and our hand span.  

In some groups we discovered that this was true but in many groups we discovered that the tallest people don't always have the biggest hand span. 

After reading the story of The Sly Fox and the Little Red Hen, we worked together to make a story map.

First we re-told the story using actions and then we used the story map again to help us to re-tell the story using our own stick puppets.

In RE, we are learning about the Easter story. We now know that it is a christian celebration of when Jesus died and was resurrected. We looked inside a mystery bag and found lots of objects that were all to do with washing. We found out that Christians believe that when Jesus was alive, washing your feet before eating was a sign of respect. We learnt that Jesus washed the feet of his disciples before they ate their last supper together and he was betrayed by Judas. We used drama to retell the events of the Last Supper. 

Year 2 Newsletter

Outdoor Learning

We took advantage of the sunny weather and weeded our allotment bed. We used the trowels and forks to dig out the weeds and then put them into the compost bin. We carefully created troughs and planted our peas.

As we were weeding we discovered lots of different minibeasts; centipedes, earthworms and woodlice. We discussed the features of the allotment microhabitat and why the minibeasts might be in the soil.