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Down in the jungle

In Nursery the children have been thinking about which jungle animal is their favourite. They then went around the classroom asking their friends which their favourite was and completed a tally chart. The children then counted how many tallies each animal had to find out which animal was the most popular.

Mental Health Week

During Mental Health Week the children listened to the story Peace At Last. They thought about why Mr Bear couldn’t sleep and the different sounds he could hear. They thought about where he could hear the sounds and made the sound effects. The children then thought about what Mr Bear could do to help him to sleep by thinking about what they do when it is bedtime. The children had some very good ideas!


“So we have a bath and then we brush our teeth and then we get moisturised and then after that we get our pyjamas on and Mummy puts us to bed. She puts a blanket on.”


“I’ve got a teddy bear and I cuddle up to him.”


“Pull my blanket over.”


“A book so I can go to sleep.”