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PE coach sessions

The children had lots of fun with our PE coach moving around the hall like different animals, such as buzzing around like a bee, hopping like a frog, and jumping like a kangaroo.

The children then lined up behind a bench and held an adult’s hand as they hopped across the bench to the end. The children then repeated this but hopped on one foot and held their arms out to maintain a balance. Fabulous work Nursery!


In our next session with our PE coach the children walked around the hall until they heard the whistle blow. The children then had to find a partner. This became increasingly challenging as they game proceeded as they needed to have a different partner each time!

The children then continued to develop their balancing skills, this time with an upturned bench. The children were encouraged to move along the bench with one foot in front of the other, holding out their arms to help them to balance. Wow! An excellent effort!


Marathon in May

The children have been enjoying their daily mile on the key stage one playground and have been increasing in their pace during the 10 minutes they have to complete it.

They particularly enjoyed the special obstacle course that was set up in Week 5 which consisted of hurdles, hoops, and agility ladders! They all had lots of fun and went back to nursery very hot and tired!