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Hi guys,

I hope you are all doing well and are keeping safe. These are some activities to help keep you busy and give you some ideas of things you could do. Hope you have fun doing them!

Miss Reed xx

Create a wordsearch!

Can you build a wordsearch full of your favourite words? Can you even fit some of our Year 2 common exception words in there? Draw a big square and then divide it into lots of boxes, fill in your words and write down which ones you put in your wordsearch, then add random letters in the rest of the box! Challenge someone to find all your words! Here is an example one.

Maths Matching Cards

Can you make some matching cards for your 2x, 5x or 10x tables? Then muddle them up and try and find the matching card and the right answer! Practise with someone in your family or test yourself.

Weather forecast!

Can you keep a record of the weather for the week? Each day make a prediction in the morning about what you think the weather will be like that day. Then, in the afternoon fill out what it was really like! Make sure to mention temperature as well! Can you guess the weather for each day?


Can you make some puppets and make a puppet show? You could make them out of paper, cardboard or even leaves! Use your puppets to put on a show – they could retell your favourite story, sing or even dance. Come up with some different puppets and give them each a name and a funny voice, then put on your show!

Texture Trail

Explore your local outdoor area and find some different textured materials. The outdoors is full of different textures – how many can you find? Using a piece of paper and some crayons you can take a rubbing to record the texture – just place your paper on the texture and rub your crayon across it. If you can’t take a rubbing of it, you could write down what the object is and describe it’s texture!

Can you find something rough and something smooth?

Can you find something hard and something soft?

Can you find something soggy and something silky?

Can you find something prickly or something spiky?

See how many different textures you can find! (If it’s raining you could also try this indoors).


Zentangle hands!

Zentangle is a method of drawing that’s very relaxing and uses lots of patterns or ‘tangles’ to make a fun mosaic. Look at the example pictures below and watch this video to come up with your own design in the outline of your hand – what crazy patterns can you come up with?

Design a new boat

Can you plan, design and make a new boat especially built for you? Make a plan and draw your design – how are you going to make sure it can float? Try and build your boat out of Lego, plastic or playdough or even paper or foil. Then evaluate your boat – what is good about it and what could be improved next time? If it doesn’t float – what could you change to make sure it does?

Learn about a new country!

Can you research and create a poster about a country you don’t know much about? Talk about where the country is, how big the country is and what you can do there! What fun facts can you find out?

Bird feeders

Follow one of these recipes to make a bird feeder to put in your garden or somewhere near your house.

See if you can take a photo or draw a picture of the kind of birds that come to your bird feeder – can you work out what type of birds they are?

Leaf Collage Animals

In your garden or on a walk can you collect some leaves and try and make them into an animal? How many different animals can you make?

Reading challenge

Can you try and do some reading for pleasure like we would normally do in school? Can you find a non-fiction book to read? Can you find some different places to read? Maybe try outside! See how many of these challenges you can tick off this week!

Read a book that has an animal on the front cover

Read a non-fiction book

Read a book in a tiny, squeaky mouse voice

Read a book and throw a ball to someone as you read each word

Read a book outside in your garden

Read a book and give it a book review

Re-read your favourite book

Paper aeroplane test

Can you test what makes the best paper aeroplane?

Choose 1 thing to test – it could be the shape of the plane, the type of material it’s made from or how big it is!

Make a few planes, with each one a little bit different, and then test them – which one travels the furthest?

Write down your results and show us what makes the best plane!

Milk Bottle Elephants


Can you turn one of your empty milk bottles into an elephant?

You could make a colourful elephant like Elmer or a grey Elephant like the ones we are used to seeing!

Decorate your milk bottle using collage, paint or pens!


Give your elephant a name and write some fun facts about them! Can you find out some information about elephants online or do you already know some great facts?

Comic Strips


Can you make a comic strip story? A comic strip tells a story using pictures and speech bubbles. Can you come up with your own story, or use one of your favourite books, to make a comic strip?

Here is an example of Little Red Riding Hood as a comic!

Mini Beast Hunt


When you’re out in your garden, near your house or on your daily exercise can you see what mini beasts you can find?

You could take pictures or draw them and then try find out what type of insect they are!



Can you use different materials you can find around your house and garden to make a rainbow? You will need to find things of all different colours! You could use leaves, toys, clothes or even food! Yours doesn’t need to be quite this big, but you could take a picture and hang it up to show support for our NHS.

My 5 Senses Scavenger Hunt!


Can you find different things using your 5 senses (touch, smell, sight, taste and hearing)? Here are some ideas:


Can you find something smooth? Can you find something rough?


Can you find something that is long? Can you find something that is round? Can you find something made from cardboard?


Can you find something that smells sweet?


Can you find something that doesn’t have a smell?


Can you find something that you can eat?


Can you find something that tastes nice? Can you find something that doesn’t taste nice?


Can you find something that makes a loud noise? Can you find something that makes a quiet noise? Can you find something that makes no sound at all?


You could draw pictures of the things you find!