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Science - Rocks and Fossils


Have a look at these fantastic videos on BBC Bitesize. Can you go on a hunt for different rocks and fossils in your local area? Can you google some famous fossils? Who is Mary Anning and why is she famous?



We started to look at plants in school. You could continue this is you have any plants in your homes!

Can you have a go at drawing a diagram of a flowering plant and labelling the different parts.







Then go for a hunt in your gardens or when you are next out for your daily exercise and see how many different plants and flowers you can spot. Think about:

  • What is similar about them?

  • What is different about them?

  • What do they need to grow and survive?


If you have any soil or seeds, you could conduct your own experiment about what affects their growth.



What do you already know about rocks?

  • Where do they come from?
  • How are they formed?
  • Are all rocks the same?

If you have any other questions about rocks, you could add them to the class blogs on PurpleMash so we can see them and hopefully answer them!


See if you can find some rocks either in your garden or go on a rock hunt during a walk. What can you notice about the rocks you find? Make observations and write them down.

-Are they all the same colour?

-Are some smooth or are they rough?

-Do they have different shapes and sizes?

-Can you group some rocks together because they have similarities?


Once you’ve found some rocks, watch this video.


You could start to investigate what type of rocks you have.

Gather something metal, something plastic and something wooden. You can conduct a hardness test.

Scratch each rock with your objects.

  • Which objects scratch the rocks?
  • Do some scratch easier?

Try writing your results in a table.


The harder the rock, the harder it is to scratch it. Can you put your rocks in order from hardest to softest?

Sedimentary rocks tend to be softer than igneous or metamorphic rocks.

Do you think you have found any sedimentary rocks?




You could do lots of science experiments at home by thinking of questions and planning ways to answer them! Have a look at the website below for some good ideas:



Geography - Time Zones

Watch the video below to find out all about different time zones. Can you borrow an adults phone or computer to find out what time it is in these locations:

- New York

- Queensland

- Antarctica

- Madrid

- Rome

- Moscow

- Beijing


History - Family Tree

Can you research your families history and create your own family tree? Perhaps you could do some research into finding out where your family name comes from? 

To make your family tree's, you could draw them, use a computer, collage, make a model etc...


Music - Favourite Artist or Band

Can you choose your favourite artist or band? Then, can you make a fact file all about them and their music. You can include:



-What is the instrument they play?

-Type of music they play

-Well known songs

-Interesting facts




Use BBC Bitesize to research Mary Anning. Create a fact file or poster about her. 

Think about:

- Who?







DT - Food Technology

Can you make a healthy snack? Use your favourite fruit and vegetables to make a salad, fruit salad or even a smoothie. Using different kitchen equipment, safely practice with an adult different ways of chopping fruit and vegetables. Can you write the recipe out for how you made your healthy snack?



Check out these fantastic ideas that you could try at home with an adult!



Here you'll find links to useful websites or ideas for these subjects!

Some lessons are being taught at



Each day, there will be a new art challenge set by Miss Webster over on our Facebook page! You could post your creations in the comments for people to admire!



There is a blog for 3AO and 3EB on Purplemash! You can post questions and we can answer them as a way of keeping in touch.

Just log on to Purplemash, go to sharing and you will find them under blogs.

We will also set some 2Dos so you have activities to take part in but you can use any of the tools on the site as well.



DT is all about planning, designing and making a product that is useful. You could try creating your own recipes and making some nice food, or you could design your own invention and have a go at building it!



Please use BBC Bitesize to keep practising your French!

Don't forget about the Language Angels site for extra games!

Username: 3AO or 3EB 

Password: Clapgate




The Oak Academy has geography lessons. Please go to to look at these!


If you want more activities, here are some you could have a go at:


We have studied Mexico and you all produced some amazing projects on the country. You could do a similar activity on another country. 

Think about:

-Their food

-Important landmarks

-What language they speak

-Any events they celebrate


Choose a state in America and find out as much information about that place as possible including:


  • Major cities within the state
  • Population
  • Physical features (mountains, rivers, canyons, valleys, lakes)
  • Human features (monuments, buildings, bridges, stadiums)
  • Culture (what is life like for the people that live there?)
  • Food and Drink (what do people eat and drink there?)

Write a short fact file about what you have found out.



The Oak Academy has History lessons. Please go to to look at these!


If you want more activites, here at some to have a go at:


You could pick an event in History and research it. Don't worry if it's something you have already learnt about in school, or something you think you might learn in school! If you do learn about it in school, then you'll have extra knowledge to share with the class.

You could also choose lots of events in the history and make your own timeline of important events! You could choose a city or a country to look at, or a sport! Make a timeline of important moments/events for Leeds United!




There is a new hospital which has opened in London called the Nightingale Hospital.

It was named after Florence Nightingale.

Can you research who she was and why she was famous and create your own fact file.

You could do this on paper or create a presentation on a tablet/laptop.

You might already know about her and not need to do much research!

If you already know about her, see if you can find an interesting fact that you didn’t know before.




Mr Robins is doing some singing on the Facebook page which you could join in with. 

Also, music can be made all around the house! Can you use any objects in your home or garden as a musical instrument?



Joe Wicks has been doing his live workouts at 9am on YouTube!

While it's important to stay inside to keep everyone safe right now, it's also important to go out for a walk/run/cycle once a day with the people who you live with!



It's important to look after ourselves during this unusual time. Make sure you are taking time to relax when you need to and talking about anything that might be upsetting you or worrying you. Also, keep sharing all the amazing things that are making you happy right now! Add any work you do to the Facebook page, or share it on the blog on Purplemash!

Keep washing your hands.

Keep safe!


You could also think about money management.

Think about:

-What is money?

- Why do we need money?

- What do we use money for?

- How can we look after our money?

Discuss these questions with a sibling or parent. When you have finished have ago at writing a list about ‘How I can look after money?’ This list should include useful tips for looking after money.



We previously looked at Hinduism when we learnt about Diwali.

Watch this video and think about what you might be feeling, seeing, smelling, hearing and thinking if you were there.

Can you write down your ideas about what you would see, hear, smell and feel if you were there? Can you write down two questions that you might be thinking about if you were at this festival?