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Natural Disasters

Creative Context Day
We started the topic of Natural Disasters with a hands on creative day. We used laptops to research different types of disasters that occur naturally and decided to make a large volcano in the room and make a wall look like it had a crack down the middle due to an earthquake. Some of us worked on smaller volcanoes in pairs and some of us chose to create some splatter paint art images. We enjoyed the morning as, even though we were having fun, we started to learn what natural disasters were and talked about them in small groups.
Information Posters

We spent some time researching earthquakes online and watched some really funny videos about how and why earthquakes actually happen. Following some discussion, we wrote some information posters, remembering to include good features of information texts, including bullet points, sub-headings, key facts and illustrations.

Below are examples of our finished pieces of work.

Earthquake at Clapgate!

After learning why earthquakes occur, we looked at the steps people have to take to prepare for such an event and how to keep safe. We looked at some videos of earthquake evacuations and broke the steps down before writing these down.

Below are some examples of our safety posters.

After writing our safety posters, we decided to recreate our own little earthquake in class, ensuring we followed the steps directly - just in case it was a real one! Here is our little video of the event.

earthquake video.MOV

Still image for this video
Escape from Pompeii Adventure Stories

For our fictional piece of writing this term, we looked at the events of the eruption of Mont Vesuvius at Pompeii. We watched a video of the events and created a timeline of the 24 hours that it took to destroy the city.

Following this, we imagined we lived in a house in Pompeii and storyboarded a fictional story that involved our successful escape. This involved some research about the types of things children and adults would have been doing on a normal day and what the city of Pompeii was like.

We really enjoyed writing our stories. Below are some examples of our work.

Natural Disasters Display