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Maths counting activity

The Number 4


This week we are learning about the number 4 a little bit more. Challenge your child to go on a hunt around the house and find sets of 4 objects.


Next, ask your child to close their eyes whilst you take some objects away.


Then, tell your child to open their eyes. Can they say how many items have been hidden?


If your child struggles with this make a number track like the one below and place the items on it so that one item is on one square. Hopefully your child will then be able to see which squares have objects missing and so should then be able to work out how many are missing and how many are left! Encourage your child to touch and count each object if they find this difficult.


Emphasise to your child the last number that they accurately counted when touching each object and say that this was their ‘stopping number’ so this tells us how many objects were hidden/how many we have!


You may need to adjust the size of the track if your child has found large items or use 4 plates to place the items on instead.