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Maths counting activity

Maths – Number 4


Number of the week challenge

Recap on the previous learning your child has done at home on the number 4.


Tell your child that there are two special shapes that are friends with the number 4.


Show your child a square. Do they know the name of the shape? Can they count how many sides the shape has? Model how to count them by having a clear starting and finishing point. Point to the corners. Can your child say what these are called? Explain that they are points that make the edges meet together and they are called corners. Challenge your child to count them, emphasising a clear starting and finishing point. Why is a square a friend of the number 4?


What is special about a square? Look carefully at the sides of a square. Do you notice anything? The sides are all the same size!


Tell your child that they are going to go on a hunt around the house looking for squares! Encourage them to look for them and say how they know it is a square. Encourage them to use the words, “It is a square because…” If possible allow your child to take photographs of all of the squares they find on their hunt. They could also make a mark on a piece of paper for each square that they find, counting them all at the end to see how many squares they found!


Pattern work

Can you gather together lots of patterned socks out of your drawer. Can you sort them into pattern groups of spots and stripes?


If you haven’t got any patterned socks in your house you could use the printable pants if you like!


Which group has more? Which group has fewer pants? How do you know?