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In order to continue your maths learning, you could work your way through the White Rose Maths scheme. You should click on the relevant link below, which will take you to a lesson. Here, you can watch a video, which will show you how to solve the problems, and then there is a worksheet. You can choose to print the worksheet to complete it, or write your answers in a workbook or on a sheet of paper. The answers are also available so parents can check or you can self-assess your work. 


Useful Links:

  • Maths on Bitesize Follow this link to play games, watch videos and take part in quizzes to test your mathematical knowledge. This website covers everything from measurements to percentages and fractions.
  • Maths Videos A range of mathematical concepts are covered here in some hilarious videos.
  • Time Problems Follow this link for a range of time related problems. These are specifically designed for mastery which means these will involve lots of problem solving, and may take some time. It is also worth using this time at home to keep teaching and testing your child's knowledge of the time, with a focus on analogue clocks.
  • Maths games
  • Area_Perimeter_Challenge.pdf
  • Maths Challenges There are a range of maths activities appropriate for 7 - 11 year olds on this site. There are some activities where all you need is blank paper and a pencil, some that require using a laptop or tablet to take part in interactive activities and some that may take a little longer than others. How many of these challenging problems can you solve?