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Some parents have asked for some more information about Makaton so that the children can continue learning this at home. Two important rules with Makaton are that you use your dominant hand (normally the hand you write with) to do the part of the sign with the most movement and whenever you sign you say the word at the same time. As Makaton is run by a charity it is not always easy to find specific words that you might want to sign but here are some links to help:


Every week this website shows a new video with a new Makaton sign


You can also see all the old videos from this site on YouTube


The Makaton charity has lots of information and they have a free resource page where you can download pictures of how to sign


Singing Hands are two people who sing and sign in Makaton. They have many different videos of songs as well as some key signs and stories that have been signed.


Mr Tumble on CBeebies uses Makaton throughout the programme. There are also videos on the CBeebies website to support learning.