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Magical Monsters


Our learning adventure is called Magical Monsters and we have lots of interesting and fun activities planned, including a trip!


We are beginning the topic by studying The Gruffalo. He may have knobbly knees, turned out toes and a poisonous wart on the end of his nose but we also want to find out what he eats and where he lives by considering his habitat and food chain in science.


As we continue throughout our learning adventure we will meet and make many more magical monsters, including a small, blue creature who lives in a dark, damp place.


We will also be writing character descriptions, instructions and stories inspired by the lovely texts we will be reading.  We are really looking forward to seeing the children’s fantastic work on this learning adventure.


We went on a Gruffalo hunt through Clapgate's deep dark woods. We found lots of characters from the story and then made our own puppets to help us sequence and retell the story. 
We have started to design our own monster hand puppets in our design technology lessons.  Here we are brainstorming ideas and recording our thoughts before we decide on a final design.

Today, we found a margarine tub in our classroom.  We couldn't wait to see what was inside!  

Mrs Stirk carefully opened the lid and had a peek inside.  She described to us what she could see ... it was a Bog Baby!  We each took a peek at him before we wrote some questions to ask him.

Here are some of the questions we wrote:
We are so excited about our puppet designs!  We want to do a great job, so today we practised sewing on pieces of felt, using a running stitch.

Check out our work on multiplication and division:


We having been using instruments to accompany a rock song!  We used them to play the rhythm of the pulse in the song.  When we weren't playing, we clapped the pulse and we sang the song.
Our trip to Harlow Carr Gardens was great.  We walked through the gardens and woods spotting sculptures and then we took part in a workshop session where we made sculptures out of natural materials.  Can you tell what mini-beasts are depicted?