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Mad for Mayans - Autumn 1


This half term we are learning about the Mayans, and looking at their food, religion and culture. In art this half term we will be designing and making our own masks out of clay and in DT we get to make our own chocolate! We have some amazing lessons planned and we hope you enjoy following our adventure.


As our book to follow this half term, we are diving head first into Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Chocolate is an important part of the Mayan culture and as a book to follow in our writing lessons, what better choice could there be than one completely dedicated to chocolate?

We are following the book and going down our own imaginative route, creating our own stories, characters and poems along the way. Have a look and read some of the amazing work they have done so far!

Some Amazing Writing Inspired by Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Our Classroom

History - Mayan Geography

Our first lesson of the half term was locating famous Mayan cities and temples in their modern day countries. 

Mayan Temples and Cities

Yeadon Tarn

Because our classes have been mixed up, we decided it was a good idea to go on a team building trip to Yeadon Tarn. We got to do some wall climbing, problem solving activities and canoeing! It was so much fun and we were extremely lucky the weather was lovely! Slightly cold air but EXTREMELY cold water! However, the children were fantastic and we all had the best time! Have a look at these pictures to see how good of a time we had!

History - Mayan Food Hunt

The children went on a food hunt around the school, finding out lots of fantastic information about what the Mayans ate. 


Mayan Food Hunt


DT - Mayan Food Tasting

In HIstory, the children found out lots of information about the Mayan food and in DT we got to taste it! We are making chocolate in our DT this half term so this was a good start to understand mayan flavours.

Mayan Food and Chocolate Tasting

PSHCE - Staying Healthy

In PSHCE this half term we are looking at keeping our bodies physically healthy. The children began this topic by creating a poster encouraging others to stay healthy by following basic rules: eat healthy, sleep, exercise and drinking plenty of water. 

Here are some examples:

Staying Healthy Posters

RE - What is commitment?

This half term we are looking at commitment and how different types of people can be committed to their religions. We began by first understanding what commitment is and the children produced trees showing their own commitments.

Here are some examples:

Commitment Trees in RE

Augustus Gloop Poetry

History - Mayan Religion and Culture

In our most recent lesson, we looked at Mayan religion and culture. They believed in lots of gods that provided for them, and a crazy afterlife. The children loved learning about how different their culture was and have written great non-chronological reports.

Mayan Gods and Religion

Day in the life of am Oompa Loompa

Steel Pans

Still image for this video
Here the children had a go at playing the steel pans. Its only the beginning of the year and already they can play a melody! have a listen!
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