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Important information and dates

Important dates

Nursery Parent’s Evening Tuesday 13th November 8:30am-6:00pm

Individual School Photographs Wednesday 14th November

Children in Need Friday 16th November

School closes for the Christmas half term break Friday 21st December

School reopens Monday 7th January



Being weather ready!

As the weather has now become rather wet, cold, and windy please ensure that your child now attends Nursery with appropriate clothing that will keep them warm and dry. We like playing outside whatever the weather in Nursery!


Changes of clothing

Please also make sure that your child brings a change of clothes that are all clearly labelled in a bag that is kept on their peg on the days that they are at nursery. f your child is sent home with nursery clothing please try to return them as quickly as possible so that we have a continuous supply that we are able to provide.


Water bottles

The children are encouraged to bring a bottle of water to school each day to help keep them feeling hydrated and eager to learn. Please note that juice should be provided for lunch time only.

Please look at our parent notice board for further information of what is happening in nursery.

Please look at our nursery routines display in our corridor to see how you can encourage your chid to gain independence at nursery.