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All the learning activities I have set and planned are in the Class Pages Tab - Year 6 Home Learning page. Once in there, you will see a selection of tabs for each week. I have my own section in there for each week where you will be able to see Maths, Reading, Writing and SPAG activities for every day.

Week Beginning 20th April
Week Beginning 27th April
Week Beginning 4th May

Below are some activities that I put on here before the Easter break. You may still want to look at some of these, along with the set work in the above tabs for each week.

Edmund Letter

I would like you to put yourself in Edmund's shoes at the time he was with the White Witch. How do you think he would have felt and do we think he would have done things differently?


I want you to imagine yourself as him and write a letter to your brother and sisters, explaining how you feel now and possibly asking them for help.


You may also have some important information that you could share with them about the Witch's castle and what her plans are. Tell them this too.


A good opening could be something like this"


Dear Peter, Susan and Lucy,

I am writing to you from my cold, dark room. I wanted to say I am sorry for running away to the Witch. I want to tell you...

Aslan Art

We all love Aslan and now know how the story ended. I wonder if you could create a piece of art linked to Aslan. This could be a drawing, a sketch, a piece of craftwork or even using pieces of nature from your garden in you have one. Let your imagination run wild and see what amazing Aslan Art you can create.

Below are some links to the regular laptop time activities we do each and every day. Please keep up to date with these and try spending a little time on each one - but not too much time your eyes go square!
The following website is now free while we are all at home so ask a grown up to set you up on this as it looks fantastic!
Below is a pdf of an image of a window. What can you see outside your window? I want you to either draw what you can actually see - or go completely crazy and think about what you would like to see outside of your window. Let your imagination run wild.

Superhero Reading / Maths activity

Below is a pdf of a reading and maths challenge. See how many you can solve.

Times Tables Wheels

How many of these wheels can you complete? You will need to do some inverse operations for some of them (? x 2 = 18 - how many 2s make 18 etc). Good luck!