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We learnt lots about Guy Fawkes and his plot to blow up the houses of parliament. We received the letter that was sent to King James and wrote WANTED posters to help him find this evil villain!


2SD - In Year 2 we had a hunt around our classroom to find lots of different facts. We then worked in groups to sort them into those that were true and false. Then we all revealed our answers and made a class set of the answers! Did you know these facts about Samuel Pepys?

Fact Hunt!



At the end of the half term, all of year 3 took part in a Stone Age day. They completed lots of activities such as; Baking stone age bread, weaving a new item of clothing, building a weapon, finding materials for shelter. Below are some picture of the children using their weapon to hunt food for their tea! 


Our class moved on to looking at the Bronze age. We particularly looked closely at the changes in the houses. We ordered the houses from oldest to newest then looked further at roundhouses. Children did some fantastic writing about why a roundhouse is better than a cave! They also had a go at building their own roundhouse using salt dough. 



This week we have learnt about the story of ‘The Gun Powder Plot’. We have learnt about who Guy Fawkes is and why he was sent to prison. On Wednesday afternoon we enjoyed taking part in a drama activity when reenacting the story. We each enjoyed taking on a different role and thinking about what speech each character might have been saying throughout.


Over the last few weeks, we have been carrying out lots of research into the history of famous London landmarks and we have learnt lots of interesting facts about Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The London Eye and London Bridge. We have used these facts to create some super facts files and to also create an interesting travel leaflet trying to encourage people to go and visit London. 


In History this week the children have been learning lots of facts about Queen Elizabeth. The children first took part in a Burn2Learn when carrying out a fact hunt around the school grounds. Once the children had collected all of the information, they then had to categorise it under the correct heading. They discussed whether each fact related to the Queen’s appearance, role or family life. We learnt lots of new information which we will be using in our writing later this week.
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The Royal Family

This week in History the children learnt that Kings and Queens are not just in storybooks and that we actually have our very own Royal Family in England. The child learnt to identify, name and label members of the Royal Family and we talked briefly about their roles and responsibilities. 


Picture 1


We have been studying all about the Stone Age this half term. We have completed lots of fantastic activities including wall art, scavenging for materials to make tools, describing ourselves as a person from the Stone Age and analysing 'remains' from the Stone Age. 

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Year 3 have been looking at the Stone age. We have been learning lots of different things and comparing them to how we live today. One of the areas we looked at was Stonehenge. We looked at how Stonehenge was built, the different rocks they used and how it has changed over time. The children asked their parents and carers to come into class to help them build their own bourbon biscuit Stonehenge. 

Picture 1


3LB have spent their half time looking through the ages. We have looked at the ages from Stone age to Bronze age and finally Iron Age. We have been completing lots of activities such as looking at the time line of the ages and understanding how long age the Stone age was! We have looked at their clothing, houses, jobs and food. Our main focus was looking at how much has changed over the years and that we have progressed so much with our materials. 3LB have taken on the different roles of the ages and tried to understand how hard it was to live in those times. We also discussed that not everything was bad and that some things were better then than they are now! 


Over the past few weeks, we have been investigating lots of interesting parts of Prehistoric Britain. We looked at how they lived in the Stone Age, and even had a go at some things ourselves! We had a no electricity day, pretended to make fires, made some tools, made real stone age paint for cave painting, and even practiced our hunting and gathering skills.


We've also looked at the Bronze age and researched Stonehenge, which was built in the Bronze Age. We took a virtual tour of Stonehenge which you can find here:

Stonehenge Tour!


We even had a go at creating our very own Iron Age village and wrote some amazing persuasive leaflets asking Stone Age people (who still lived in caves) to come live with us.