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In year 1 we have been learning about London landmarks. After going on an exciting bus journey around the city, looking at the landmarks we matched facts, images and names of London landmarks. They all worked really well as a team to group the facts together. Well done year 1!

In Year 2 we have been comparing Leeds and Hong Kong as part of our Saving the Day learning adventure. We tried dumplings, noodles, and green tea. It was a bit of a mixed reaction to the dumplings but nearly everyone loved the green tea!

Year 2 also flew to Hong Kong and discovered what the city was like! We looked at human and physical features. We compared it to the geographical features of Leeds.

Year 6


In year 6, we have been learning all about the Amazon rainforest and Brazil. We have gone to a 'carnival' in Rio de Jeneiro, walked amongst the animals in the rainforest and learnt about the problems of deforestation. Lots of our geography learning has linked with our class story, 'The Journey to the River Sea' by Eva Ibbotson, which is about an orphan girl who travels from London to Manaus (in Brazil) and the adventures she experiences.

Year 6 Brazilian Adventure