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Foundation Stage

Last week the children were shown a picture of a dragon from Chinese New Year. This sparked a great interest with the children. We went on to watch some videos of the dance and the children decided that they wanted to make their own dragon so that they could do a dance too!

We have watched videos about how Chinese New Year is celebrated and looked at different Cantonese wiriting too.

The following week we set about making the dragons head. The children had a lot of ideas for how it should be decorated including, spikes, sharp teeth, eye brows and fire from its mouth. They then used the difference resources to make it all.

When watching the videos the children noticed that there was someone in front of the dragon holding a ball. We were not sure what this was so we researched it on the internet. We found out that it was a 'Pearl of Wisdom' and that the dragon has to follow it. Of course the children wanted this too as part of the dance.

The children took it in turns to play of the drums or be part of the dragon dance. We had such a good time and everyone was very excited to take part!


Still image for this video