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Fire, Fire!

Fire, Fire!

Our learning adventure this half term entitled Fire, Fire!  We will be learning about the origins of Bonfire Night and the Gunpowder Plot and writing poetry about fireworks.  Then we will move on to learning about The Great Fire of London and its impact on life in the past.  This will involve us making collages, finding out about how the fire was extinguished and looking at modern-day ways of fire-fighting before designing and making our own model fire engines.  After that we will start to look at how the Victorians celebrated Christmas and we will compare and contrast modern toys with toys in the past.  So, all in all,  this is going to be a very exciting and busy half term!  


In addition to all this we will be learning about how animals and grow and change in science and we will be preparing for our Christmas production.  We can't wait to see you there!  

The Gunpowder Plot
The Great Fire of London
In design technology we learned all about wheels and axles to help us to think about our fire engine designs.
In our writing lesson we listened to and discussed the story of a child and her family escaping from the Great Fire of London.  Then we acted out the story and made some freeze frames of the key parts.  This helped us to write about it in another lesson.
We have been learning about the conjunctions 'so', but' 'or and 'because'.  Here we are working in pairs to create sentences and choose the right conjunction so that they make sense.
As we have been learning about a Victorian Christmas, we made mince pies!  We are going to write instructions on how to make them in our writing lessons.
We have completed our fire engine designs with a list of materials we will need in order to make them. 
Here are our finished fire engines.  Don't they look brilliant? smiley

In our computing lessons we have been learning about how to stay safe online.  We used the search facility on Purple Mash to find an activity.  We used the activity to show an emotion.

We have learned that Purple Mash is a safe online program.  We know that it has been designed for children.  We also know that if we want to search the internet at home we must ask a grown-up first.

We made some super sentences using commas.