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Fantastic work


Another amazing science lesson today! We talked about habitats and whether an animal choosing where it would like to live. We introduced the term 'adaption' and then looked at which animals live where. The children then recreated a habitat in a box and we think they look amazing!


This morning, we decided to take our maths outdoors and use some natural objects as our equipment. The children chose different things to represent the number that they had found and then use these to answer their questions. 


4CJ had a brilliant first rugby lesson with a coach from Hunslet Club. They started to practise the rules of touch rugby whilst recapping their pass and catch skills. The coach was really impressed and we will be choosing some children to create a team to play in a competition soon!


We had a great first science lesson. This half term we are thinking about living things and their habitats. We talked about what how we know if something is living and then we went searching for living things and non-existant living things. Here are some that we found below! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4