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Some of our lovely shields from our parental involvement

Showing our work to our writing buddies in 4CJ

This week is Mental Heath Awareness week, the theme is Healthy: Inside and Out. We have been thinking about how importance staying healthy is to keeping our emotions in check. This afternoon we went outside for a run around and noted our changes in emotions when we came back in. On a scale of 0-10 most of the children said they felt between 8-10 now. They said, "all the energy has made us really happy" and "it makes you feel more confident". We then talked about some of the ways we could do little bits of exercise to energise us at home, like jumping on a trampoline or having a water gun fight. 
We had a fantastic visit today from the RSPB! Peggy taught us how to find evidence of animals and then suggested some good "wild words" to use to describe these items! We went outside and quietly listened to the bird calls, then we went on a hunt to find evidence of animals and mini-beasts. It was such a fantastic session and the children were really curious to learn about the nature around our school. 
We finished off our Art topic from last term by making sculptures from tin foil! The children enjoyed using the material to make sculptures and there were lots of different pieces created.