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Nursery - Dinosaur fossils

In Nursery the children have been learning about how we know that dinosaurs existed because of the fossils that archaeologists found. The children looked at some pictures of some fossils and then created their own by making their own salt dough and pressing a dinosaur skeleton into it. The children talked about how the dough changed once it had been in the oven.

In RFW the children have made and painted their own paper mache dinosaur eggs. They put some PVA glue mixture onto a balloon and then layered lots of small strips of newspaper on the top. Once the paper had dried, the children use paintbrushes and different coloured paint to decorate their eggs. They talked about what kind of dinosaur might come out of the egg and why.

“If it’s a pink egg, there’s a girl inside.”

“We need to paint it yellow as T-Rex’s are yellow in the egg.”

“I think it will be purple with white spots.”

In RFW we have been learning about fossils, the children looked carefully at pictures of different dinosaurs and used salt dough to make their own.


We have really enjoyed making dinosaur nest buns this week. We used chocolate and cornflakes to make the nests and then put eggs inside them. We looked at the difference between chocolate before it went in the microwave and after it has been in the microwave. We talked about why it melted.