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Nursery - Dinosaur swamp!

The children in Nursery were really excited to use the Beebots on the dinosaur land mat. They said which direction the Beebot needed to go to avoid the swamp and pressed the buttons to make it move. The children all tried really hard to remember to press the clear memory button first!

We have been on the laptops this week practising our typing skills. We have all tried to type our names and did a fantastic job!



The children had the opportunity to use the school laptops and play Buried Treasure to practise their reading skills. They had to use the mouse pad to move the cursor around and then click and drag to move coins to the treasure chest or the bin depending on whether the word was a real word or a fake word.

In RFW, the children have used the Beebots. They had the chance to investigate how to operate them and then they were challenged to program the Beebot to catch a dinosaur. They used a Beebot mat to try and work out how many spaces the Beebot needed to move to catch the different dinosaurs.

In RFW this week, the children have used their observational skills to create a dinosaur using 2D shapes. They had to look carefully at the template and find the correct shapes from a selection. Once they were happy with their creation, they used the tablet to take a photograph.


We have been using PurpleMash to practice our subtraction skills!