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During our 'Once upon a time' learning adventure the children received a letter from the old lady asking if they have seen a gingerbread man running about. She told them that she was very worried that he had become lost and might be feeling scared on his own. 

To cheer the old lady up the children decided to make her another gingerbread boy. They made one to take home too!

They learned how to use a rolling pin and cutter to create their own biscuit and couldn't wait for them to bake!

Nursery - Building bridges

The children were relieved to find out that the gingerbread man didn't get eaten by the fox. He managed to escape! Phew!

He told the children that he decided to go on his holidays but on his way he had come to a river with a bridge. The gingerbread man was too scared to cross the bridge because of the scary troll making loud noises from underneath it. The children invited their grown up into school to help them design and build their own bridge. We then tested out how strong each of the bridges were by standing a troll on top of it. The children all managed to make a strong troll proof bridge. Well done everyone!


This week we have made our own gingerbread men. We learnt about the different ingredients needed and how to use a rolling pin. We learnt about different ways to stay healthy including; washing our hands when handling food and eating a variety of different foods.

In RFW we have made our own Gingerbread Men. We looked at the recipe and talked about the different utensils we were using to cut and roll the Gingerbread Men. Once we had cut them out, we decorated them using raisins for eyes and buttons. 
In RFW this week, we have been reading the story of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff.' The children talked about the bridge in the story and then used different resources to make their own.
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