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This half term the children returned back to nursery to find flour on the carpet in a gingerbread man shape! The children went on a hunt to find and collect clues and jigsaw pieces. When they put them together it made a gingerbread man picture! The children put him back together to find out why he had arrived at our school. The children thought about what story they know about a gingerbread man running away.


The children helped the gingerbread man look for a bridge to help him cross the river using the Beebots. They thought about which direction they needed to send him and which buttons to press to make it light up, make sounds and move.


We have been using the interactive whiteboard to practise our phonics this week. We were able to start and restart the game independently pressing the right buttons on the board. We were able to play the game by manipulating the objects on the screen.

Picture 1


We have been using Purple Mash this week to create our own toy shop. We were able to decide what toys we wanted to sell and how much they should cost. We then counted out pennies to pay for these toys.